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"whyj contents" matters where IP matters

  whyj contents ' mission is to expand the audience of well-crafted Korean IPs beyond domestic borders using various strategies, such as media distribution, merchandise licensing, and digital marketing. Leveraging its expertise in character development and storytelling, the company collaborates with established production studios to create captivating content that resonates with audiences both in South Korea and around the world. By continuously refining its business plans, whyj contents aims to bring engaging content to audiences worldwide. Contact us:

expertly managed by whyj contents

expertly managed by whyj contents
AVOFRIENDS, BigFive, Bread Barbershop, Robocar POLI, Hero Circle, Bubu and the little owls and more...
Recent posts

Global Reach: WHYJ CONTENTS @ ATF in Singapore, Dec 2023

  Booth No.M20 under GCA umbrella at ATF Contact us:

Fun Awaits: POLI and Dinoman's Exclusive Event in Singapore!

 Robocar POLI @ United Square Mall Dinoman @ Snowcity Xmas in Singapore 2023

Global Reach: WHYJ CONTENTS @ MIPCANCUN, Nov 2023

  WHYJ CONTENTS Maximizes Global Presence, Stealing the Spotlight at MIPCANCUN, Mexico ! @ Moon Palace Convention, 14th ~ 17th Dec. 2023

Global Reach: WHYJ CONTENTS @ K-Expo in Thailand, Nov 2023

  WHYJ CONTENTS Takes Center Stage at K-expo in Thailand! @ Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre, 8th ~ 10th Nov.

Dinoman now time-travels to Singapore

  Premiering 7th Oct 2023 at 9:00am on CH5 (Mediacorp)

Global Reach: WHYJ CONTENTS @ BCWW in Seoul, Aug 2023

  "whyj contents Debuts New Animated TV Series at Global Media Market, BCWW" whyj contents made a significant mark as an exhibitor, showcasing their latest offerings at a recent industry event. The spotlight was on as they introduced two brand-new animated TV series, Bastions and RiseMan, both unveiled in 2023.  contact:

Global Reach: WHYJ CONTENTS @ K-Expo in UK, July 2023

  WHYJ CONTENTS Shines at K-expo in UK, Leaving a Lasting Impression in London! @ Queen Elizabeth II Centre, 24th ~ 27th July

Dinoman Roars to Life on YOYOTV in Taiwan

  Premiering 16th July 2023 at 9:30am The arrival of Dinoman on YOYOTV marks a significant milestone for the series, expanding its reach to entertain and inspire children in Taiwan.

Roaring Fun for Little Ones: Dinoman Premieres on ViuTV in Hong Kong!

  Get ready to embark on a prehistoric adventure with your little ones as the beloved animated TV series, Dinoman, makes its debut on ViuTV in Hong Kong! Starting from 1st July 2023 at 16:30 every Saturday, families across the city can gather around their screens and join the lovable dinosaur characters on exciting journeys through time. Expertly managed by whyj contents

Global Reach: WHYJ CONTENTS @ Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, June 2023

  Find us at #J192 under Korea Character Licensing WHYJ CONTENTS Sets its Sights on Global Partnerships at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas 2023

Robocar POLI snow sculptures stand tall and majestic in Snow City Singapore

  Step into a winter wonderland where the beloved characters of Robocar POLI come to life in a breathtaking snow sculpture at Snow City Singapore. Brace yourself for an extraordinary experience as you witness the magic of this captivating artwork that celebrates the popular animated series. (More information: Expertly managed by whyj contents