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expertly managed by whyj contents

expertly managed by whyj contents
AVOFRIENDS, BigFive, Bread Barbershop, Robocar POLI, Hero Circle, Bubu and the little owls and more...

Global Reach: WHYJ CONTENTS @ BCWW in Seoul, Aug 2023

  "whyj contents Debuts New Animated TV Series at Global Media Market, BCWW" whyj contents made a significant mark as an exhibitor, showcasing their latest offerings at a recent industry event. The spotlight was on as they introduced two brand-new animated TV series, Bastions and RiseMan, both unveiled in 2023.  contact:

whyj contents baked “Bread Barbershop” for Taiwan

    <Bread Barbershop> (Mandarin Taiwanese:天才麵包理髮師 ) is now airing on YOYOTV.  Official Youtube Channel (Kanival) is now available: Contact us: